Prior to beginning the application,  you should have the following ready:

Emergency contact information

Dates of attendance, degree, and GPA for all colleges/universities attended

Email addresses for 3 references:
1) A current or previous instructor
2) The athletic trainer you completed your observation with
3) An additional instructor, athletic trainer, other healthcare provider, employer, etc.

Answers to the following essay questions (no more than 200 words each):

Why do you want to be an AT as opposed to another healthcare professional? Please utilize the 5 domains of AT practice in your response:

1) Risk Reduction, Wellness and Health Literacy
2) Assessment, Evaluation and Diagnosis
3) Critical Incident Management
4) Therapeutic Intervention
5) Healthcare Administration and Professional Responsibility

What are your career goals and how will the UTA MSAT program mission help you achieve those goals?
What aspects of the UT Arlington MSAT program interest you most?

A link to a video of yourself addressing the following questions:

1) What are your professional learning and communication styles, and how will these be an asset to a career in athletic training?
2) What is one of the most important issues facing athletic trainers today, and what role do you hope to play in addressing this issue?

Have the following documents ready to upload:

1) Resume
2) All transcripts from all colleges/universities attended (unofficial will be accepted)
3) Documentation of a minimum of 50 hours of observation with an athletic trainer, signed by that athletic trainer
4) Technical standards form - student version
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