There is limited space for these events. Please choose only the events you are certain you will attend in person. If you would like to cancel the event(s) you have registered for, please contact: yumi.ohira@uta.edu.

If you would rather attend the events via MS Teams, there is no need to register. Instead you can go back to the 2021 OA Week Webpage: https://libraries.uta.edu/news-events/annual/open-access-week/2021 and click the "Add Teams meeting to your calendar" link next to each event that you wish to join.

Note: If you register to attend any events that include lunch, you will also need to complete the food option form for each event. The food options forms will be linked from the "Thank you" page of this registration form.

Thank you very much for your time and support. Please continue with the registration now by clicking on the START button below.
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