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Canvas Training Registration.
Below is a list of the Canvas training sessions for April 2024. Each topic is listed with its corresponding time and date. If available, you can select more than one date per topic.
Sessions will be provided through Microsoft Teams. Links to online training sessions will be emailed to you prior to the session.
Each training session is scheduled for 60 - 90 minutes allowing time for questions.
If you have any questions related to Canvas training, please send an email to
Unit/Department and College
Email Address
Canvas Gradebook (60 minutes)
The Canvas Grade book contains many tools that make grading and contacting students easier. Learn how to reorganize the grade book columns, email students from the grade book, automatically deduct points for late submissions, hide grades from students, and different grade book views and filters. We will also discuss using Canvas to calculate a final grade.
Studio Video in Canvas (60 minutes)
Studio is a communication tool that allows instructors and students to actively collaborate through video and audio media. This session will cover recording a video from your desktop or webcam, uploading a video from your computer or YouTube, adding Closed Captions to your recordings, and adding videos to your course.
Canvas New Quizzes (60 minutes)
This session will help you create tests and quizzes using the New Quiz tool in Canvas by creating questions or adding questions from question banks. New Quizzes is the updated quiz tool in Canvas which includes new question types such as, Categorization, Ordering, and Hot Spot.
Respondus Lockdown Browser (60 minutes)
Add the Lockdown Browser to any Canvas quiz to add a layer of security to your exams. We will discuss the various lockdown browser settings, Respondus Monitor, and the new Instructor Live Proctoring feature.
Turnitin Plagiarism Tool in Canvas (60 minutes)
Turnitin is a plagiarism tool in Canvas used to verify the originality of student submissions. This session will help you add the Turnitin plagiarism tool to Canvas Assignments and understand the originality report it produces. 
Ally Accessibility Tool in Canvas (60 minutes)
Ally is a tool in canvas that provides guidance and tips to make your content accessible by providing feedback on the accessibility of your content and step by step instructions to improve content accessibility. Ally also provides your students with alternative versions of your files that allow students to choose the type of file that best suits their needs.
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